The INSTITUTE FOR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT (IID) is a world class, non-profit organization that helps decision-makers make infrastructure choices that deliver vital services to accelerate economic growth and development, while remaining friendly to the environment. The Institute’s focus areas are urban development, energy, transport, water and sanitation, climate change and environment, metallic and industrial minerals development, construction


    The Institute is unique among many policy organizations. It is a scientific and engineering organization with the defined purpose of analyzing, educating and advocating. To this end, it analyzes both immediate and longer-term policy issues relating to infrastructure policy, delivery, operation and maintenance and proffers solutions. Our guiding principle is to be objective in examining issues based on sound scientific, engineering and technological analysis.


    The Institute for Infrastructure Development has chosen to focus on infrastructure as our contribution to Ghana’s development. The provision of infrastructure is a prerequisite for inducing investment and production in any nation, thus for sustaining economic growth. Good infrastructure encourages additional foreign investment, creates jobs, drives GDP growth, and improves private sector competitiveness.