The state of the construction sector is a good indicator of the overall health of an economy. In developing countries, construction sector activities reflect the quantum of resources being channeled into infrastructure development, while in developed countries, it demonstrates the extent to which development is maintained and the general direction of the economy.

Key Challenges
Construction industry related issues present a major risk in achieving scaled-up delivery of infrastructure works. Construction management and environmentally related issues lead to commonly observed problems like poor quality work, cost over-runs, time extensions etc. The industry’s potential for increasing the efficiency of investments and enhancing the pace of development is substantial and there is both the need and the opportunity for Ghana to develop this potential.

Looking Ahead
To enhance infrastructure development in Ghana, there is a need for strong planning functions to support government agencies through financing, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure.

The ultimate goal would be to examine and recommend measures by which the government and various stakeholders could strengthen the construction industry to meet future demands, by garnering resources in terms of manpower, equipment, materials, finance, and strengthening the business environment. Due to the far reaching implications to the entire construction sector, and to ensure sustainability of the intervention, a comprehensive, holistic and integrated approach should be adopted. This approach will eventually establish an institutional and regulatory body enacted by Parliament to oversee the sector.