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Over the last few years, crisis in the urban water sector in Ghana has resulted in increased use of sachet water, which is water bagged in small polythene bags, usually of 500 ml. It has been reported that sachet water is being used in many homes, hospitals, even in theatres and delivery rooms.

Consumers normally purchase sachet water without any knowledge of the quality of its contents. Indeed sachet water is a possible route for transmitting major diseases, both from its contents and the container. The introduction of sachet water in Ghana was to provide affordable instant drinking water to the public and to curb the magnitude of water deficit in the country. But it is also a potential source of infection in Ghana, a burden on the public health system and an environmental hazard.

While the Institute appreciates that the best way of addressing the sachet water menace, is to ensure potable piped water to consumers, it shall make efforts to minimize the harmful effect of the use of sachet water by undertaking research on the quality of its contents and recommend better ways of regulating the production, use and disposal of it.