The Institute for Infrastructure Development has chosen to focus on infrastructure as our contribution to Ghana’s development. The provision of infrastructure is a prerequisite for inducing investment and production in any nation, thus for sustaining economic growth. Good infrastructure encourages additional foreign investment, creates jobs, drives GDP growth, and improves private sector competitiveness.

Infrastructure services have a direct impact on every individual’s life because investment in the sector is the foundation on which economic and social life is built. For example, there can be little success with rural and agricultural development if farmers are unable to obtain reliable water and electricity supplies at the appropriate time, or if roads linking farms to markets are inadequate.

In addition to infrastructure, our organization shall place emphasis on industrialization to maximize positive applications to infrastructure. Ghana has comparative advantage for industrialization, and improved infrastructure will in turn help us extend our limits in agriculture, manufacturing and services. Industrialization is inextricably linked to development. Indeed there is almost no country that characterizes itself as ‘developed’ that has not gone through an industrial transformation.

Countries that have advanced in economic power have achieved this on the foundation of sound infrastructure development, employed by well-educated local expertise, using advanced technology. Our support shall help create wealth in the economy and make job creation the centerpiece of industrial development. Ultimately, we shall be developing and building the capability of the citizenry, the real wealth and strength of the country.

We are putting our knowledge at the disposal of the nation because this country cannot afford to be a bystander, marveling at the technological phenomena that are creating economic value and transforming other societies. We need to benefit from late-technology to leapfrog in our development agenda. In an internationally competitive environment, we have to run fast even to stay where we are.

In fashioning out our next development agenda, we need to get it right the last time. There can be no second chances, and nothing should be left to chance. We aim to spearhead a West Africa alliance that will expand the market for the advancement of Ghana’s industrialization programme. Our dream is to help change Ghana for good and set the country as a shining example for Africa.

Achieving our vision will require hard work and sustained commitment. We recognize the need to stay focused on results, be innovative and learn from our experiences. We admit we may not always have the answer and invite others to join us in this cause. The Institute represents a new beginning, a new vision and a new way of building Ghana’s infrastructure. Our vision is to contribute towards making Ghana an ideal place to live, work and grow. This is because we know that when we dream it, we can do it. It is precisely this thinking that drives us to take the road less traveled by many.

This could be the way out for our country and the Institute is here to pledge ourselves to take the necessary steps on the road from under-development to an industrialized Ghana.

Charles Kwame Boakye
Executive Director


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