The level of industrialization in any country is the most important indicator of economic development and Ghana must pursue industrial development as the solution to breaking the problem of unemployment. Industrialization guarantees quality employment. There is almost no country that one would be prepared to call ‘developed’ that has not gone through an industrial transformation. Ghana has comparative advantage for industrialization, and therein lies the secret to developing infrastructure.

Industrialization refers to an increase in the share of the gross domestic product (GDP) contributed by the manufacturing sector. It is a process that involves a change in the structure or make-up of the economy.

Records available at the Ghana Minerals Commission and the Geological Services Department show that Ghana is endowed with deposits of iron ore, bauxite, manganese, limestone, silica sand, granite, clay and kaolin, as well as water resources, all essential ingredients needed to ensure industrialization and grow manufacturing establishments. These materials produce the steel, cement, tiles, aluminum, glass, decorative stones etc. that deliver infrastructure in cities and industries around the world.

Key Challenges
Reliable electricity priced economically and available at appropriate locations remains one of the main obstacles to developing and implementing an industrial program. This can be overcome if an overall strategy is adopted to determine the ultimate benefits to the country. For example, steel, aluminum and glass can be recycled repeatedly. They do not deteriorate with recycling. Most importantly, recycling steel for example requires 60 percent less energy than producing it from iron ore.

Looking Ahead
Industrialization must push our limits in infrastructure development, agriculture and manufacturing. Tackling industrialization will ensure the availability of cheap construction materials needed to build infrastructure. Ghana’s investments in steel and other primary minerals will further improve the competitiveness of mineral processors in the developing world to ensure their long term viability, and support environmental upgrades to reach international standards.


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