Preparation of Integrated Iron and Steel Industry Masterplan

Preparation of Roadmap and Business Development Plan for the development of the Integrated Iron and Steel Industry (IISI) for Ghana Integrated Iron and Steel Development Corporation (GIISDC). The Plan covers baseline information, strategic direction, downstream industries, financing model, etc. for the industry in Ghana. The proposed IISI roadmap and business plan identified infrastructure requirements that will support the accelerated development of Ghana’s Iron and Steelindustry, namely Transport facilities - Railway, Roads, Maritime; Energy – Power and Fuel needs; Water Resources, Water Supply and Sewerage systems; SpatialPlanning and Housing systems. The Plan also estimated Ghana’s Steel demand over the next 20 years based on the requirements for the
i) Infrastructure/Construction incl. Railway;
ii) Buildings, Housing and Real Estates;
iii) Automotive Industries including Rolling stock & Shipbuilding;
iv) Heavy mechanical equipment, Petrochemicals incl. pipelines, pylons;
v) Packaging and scaffolding, etc.; vi) Household and Office Appliances.