Preparation of the Ghana Infrastructure Plan

Recruited by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) for the preparation of the national flagship program Ghana Infrastructure Plan (GIP) 2018 to 2047, as part of the Long-term National Development Plan to deliver economic, social, and environmental benefits to the country through the production of a defined and budgeted investmentframework.

The 30-Year GIP programme which costs US$1.8 Trillion is aimed to chart a new strategic direction for infrastructure, guide the future direction of infrastructure delivery and define the nation’s investment priorities. It provides a coordinated and integrated approach to infrastructure planning, prioritisation, funding and delivery by engaging with key stakeholders across government, industry and the community, and prioritising Ghana’s infrastructure needs from the perspective of a prosperous nation. Although the GIP focuses largely on public infrastructure projects, it addresses the need to create enabling conditions for developing private infrastructure, and highlights opportunities for the private sector to engage government to find creative solutions for infrastructure delivery.