The Institute shall work with the media to disseminate the findings of our studies, and recommend improvements for society’s good. Mindful of the challenges a large section of our population faces in digesting official documents, the Institute shall endeavor to publish our study reports in formats that can be easily read by everyone while maintaining its technical and policy content.

Infrastructure Smartbriefs
The Institute shall prepare and forward smartbriefs via email. The smartbriefs shall be news collated from various sources to update and inform readers about infrastructure developments in Ghana in particular, and around the globe that have bearing on Ghana’s needs. The mix of articles included in each issue shall be designed to appeal to a broad range of readers, and be representative of the full spectrum of infrastructure disciplines.

Newsletters and Journals
The Institute shall publish newsletters and journals regarding its programs and relevant current events. This information shall be disseminated to stakeholders at forums and seminars.

Infrastructure Report Card
The Infrastructure Report Card shall be prepared every three years to outline the state of Ghana’s infrastructure assets, make a projection of their state in the medium to long term and recommend ways for improvement. The report shall contain observations and recommendations, where applicable, aimed at continued sustainable asset management practices in key infrastructure sectors. The main objective of the report is to prepare an assessment of infrastructure in order to build support for dedicated and consistent sources of funding. The Institute shall develop credible and defendable standard methodology and grading with flexibility for diverse infrastructure sectors.

State of the Cities Report
The State of the Cities Report shall be prepared every three years to provide a qualitative and quantitative analysis of Ghana’s cities, highlighting the important role they play in driving the national economy and improving the lives of Ghanaian residents. The report shall stimulate urban stakeholders to consider many new ways to develop Ghana’s cities.