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From the Executive Director

The Institute will help facilitate the creation of effective public-private partnerships for infrastructure maintenance in national and local government agencies. This will be achieved by facilitating meetings between government and private sector decision-makers to identify how the private sector financiers and operators can assist each other.

The skills required to implement a process of privatization and regulation, to design commercially viable project structures and to establish processes for evaluation and awarding contracts are not skills normally enjoyed by civil servants and politicians. Civil servants used to award projects and then leave them alone. Now they are involved in complex procurement and project management activities that involve hands-on risk management. A new breed of business oriented “General Manager” type civil servant is required.

In addition to the technical competencies, (e.g. an understanding of regulation) required by the new role, they would need to develop skills in responding quickly to the requirements of the new system, finding innovative solutions to the problems as they arise and developing inter-personal and leadership skills. Unfortunately, engineers who are required to lead the infrastructure program are increasingly shifting to the Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors of the economy. It is important that the Government gives higher priority to training engineers, project managers and other technicians critical to the delivery of projects within budget, on time and of high quality. The Institute shall support the development of critical mass of skilled managers and technicians to operate and maintain infrastructure facilities and also incubate private operators to accomplish this objective.