The Institute’s flagship project is to assist Government develop business and financial cities in the Western region which will include modern infrastructure, high quality real estate and new industrial zones to accommodate new manufacturing companies.

Cape-Three Points Metropolitan City
The first of such cities shall be located at the Cape-Three Points area. The Cape-Three Points Metropolitan City project shall be an ambitious urban master plan that will transform parts of the lower Western Region into a truly sustainable world-class metropolis where residents and commuters live the highest quality of life. The city shall benefit from massive infrastructure and manufacturing establishments, with world-class cultural, tourism and sporting facilities, underpinned by significant economic and employment generation activities. The area shall transform itself from agricultural lands and fishing communities into an international gateway. The city shall be the learning and innovation capital of Ghana. It shall achieve excellence in medical and sports tourism, as well as culture, food and music tourism to take advantage of the all-year long sunshine and friendly people. The Kundum festival of the people of the area shall be developed into an annual international phenomenon.